The Valencia Aquarium

Posted May 8, 2015 by Admin

Summer is close...this is PogaBaby's 3rd summer and as per usual we'll be spending it migrating through Europe. Last year we took him to the aquarium in Valencia, which I think is the largest oceanarium in Europe. It's actually a city in a city, the spanish call it Ciudad des las Artes y las Ciencias. It's quite amazing, magical I would say, children are mesmerized by the its grandour and its diversity of wildlife. PogaBaby obviously loved it but on the other hand he loves any kind of live fish container from a 50 x 50 cm to the ones that take up a city :).  So this year we'll be going again.

Here are some of the pics we made last year.

Aquariums have some powerful magic. It's one of the few places he takes time to really enjoy for more than 5 minutes at this age. The zoo doesn't come close to this.

The most amazing experience is this huge glass tunnel.


This was a memorable experience, one that I'd like to repeat.

These look harmless from the safety of the outside glass.



There is an outside picinic area and also some fast food restaurants that sell junk food. They probably think "we show you the real deal, so if you want to see a dead fish on your plate, go someplace else". So if you are also looking forward to the amazing valencian paella, this is not the place to find it.


Here is a list of places with fairly large aquariums in Switzerland:

  • Vivarium Elapsoidea, Meyrin
  • Vivarium Lausanne
  • Zoo Basel
  • Zoo Zurich
  • Zoo Bern
  • Tropiquarium Servion
  • Conyland, Lipperswil

Do you know any other places?


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